Embassy Welcomes Priscilla Lee!!!

Embassy would like to welcome Priscilla Lee. Priscilla comes fresh of her 4th place finish in this years Pro Tec Pool Party, Ladies Division. She hails from Hermosa, California and has the skills of a seasoned vet. She skates the combi like someone twice her age. (she’s only 12) I witnessed first hand the session’s @ the combi prior to the big event. She skated half her run switch stance. All this with precision lines and never loosing speed. Priscilla is stoked to be competing in this years Oregon Trificta August 7-9. We are very EXCITED to announce she will also be attending this years World Cup, Johnny Romano “Rock the Cradle” @ the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark of Houston, October 24th. I look forward to seeing a doubles routine with Priscilla and Max Peterson. WELCOME PRISCILLA!! 🙂

Priscilla in her heat during the ladies final!!

Priscilla during her heat, Congrats on a 4th place finish!!!

Priscilla in the square pool!!

Priscilla & Lee

Remember the name PRISCILLA LEE!!!!

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