Florida Bowl Riders 40th Anniversary of Kona Skatepark

This year marked the 40th anniversary of the infamous Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville FLorida. The Ramos family has upheld the culture of this beautiful skaters playground. From the classic historic downhill snakerun, to the Bowl, vert ramp, the classic vertical tombstone, to just about everything that has to do with Kona. It was a weekend of mayhem, music, art, skate, legends, legends and more legends. Steve Van Doren was on hand to give away a ton of FREE Van’s stuff. The “Pro” Bowl Final was the most intense 15 minutes in skateboarding, I’ve witnessed in a few years. It was a Skate of the Art Weekend. Below are a few pics of the Embassy Posse, adding to the STOKE. Look forward to next year!

Embassy Booth made it to Florida
Zorlac Collection
Collin Graham, boneless off the Tombstone

Ivan Rodriguez makes the trip to Kona. Mr. Hesh killed the Kona bowl, until he screwed up his knee.

Nathan Midgette at Kona Skatepark
Collin Graham, brought his warrior attitude to the bowl.
Dave Duncan in the Master’s division of the Kona Bowl Riders, 40th Anniversary Party
Nathan Midgette, proper fs tuck knee air!

Ronnie O’Neal gets in the mix

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