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Bowl A Rama, Bondi Beach, Australia

Super proud of these four blokes! Aussie Pride, Until next year Bondi

Bowl-A-Rama 2018 was epic.  This year’s Bowl A Rama would be Embassy’s first gathering of the year, with a crew of 8 strong to invade the Aussie coast. We had a full week to prepare for the mayhem.  Collin Graham, Ronan Livingston, Ivan Federico, Pat Black & Jed Fuller all reported for duty, along with Embassy artist Shane Munce.  It’s a tough gig to go to Australia, and have to skate in a bowl on a beautiful historic beach.  The qualifier on Saturday was intense. To tap into the mind set of these godly talented people to unleash the greatness is fun to witness.  Jed Fuller studies the bowl, playing out his run, and lines in his head.  Pat Black on the other hand, doesn’t even know what the next wall has in store. I’ve always said Pat Black has “Nine Lives”.  In Bondi he used up all of them everyday.  There was a couple of runs were he should have literally died.  Hang up after hang up, he skated with gnarly reckless abandon we haven’t seen since the Zorlac/Alva, Craig Johnson day’s. The grom’s were stoked to see Pat’s style.   A beautiful Aussie model added to some Friday afternoon delight.  Collin, Ivan, Pat, and Jed all made it through the semi-finals on Saturday. It was a tuff cut.  Collin sneaked in by the thinnest of margins.  On Sunday Ivan Federico got broken off, and messed up his knee.  He’s off to Italy to get evaluated.  He’ll be ready for the Van’s Park Series in June, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Collin on the other hand is off to New Castle to skate the ABC “Australian Bowlrider’s Championships”. All in all it was a rad trip.  We’re working on Australian distribution.  Look forward to having the Embassy brand  Down Under. Until next time Bondi, Cheers!

Collin Graham, Boneless, fresh off the plane
Jed Fuller, no jet lag required. photo: Lee Leal
Pat Black & Sasha Steinhorst
Ronan Livingston, made the trip to Bondi. photo: Lee Leal

This year Embassy artist Shane Munce was invited to join in the fun

Shane Munce got a dose of Bondi

The weather held up all week. Blazing down some rays that could fry an egg on the concrete.  Tuesday we had a home cooked feast.  Our airbnb came equipped with all the modern day gadgets.

Shane Munce played Embassy chef

The next few days would be full court press.  The guys were usually the first guys to the bowl every morning.  it was an Embassy/ Grom session.  I was really stoked on Marley Rae.

Marley Rae, brought the style from Newy. photo Lee Leal
Collin Graham, Dawn Patrol.  photo Lee Leal
The life expectancy of this occupation has to be limitless for Pat Black
Somebody give this guy some water!
Ronan Livingston
Ivan Federico got to Bondi with a huge smile, and ready to kill it.
Ivan Federico. Italian assault on an Australian Beach
I had booked an Embassy Sweets shoot with Dolly Diamond. Just some good Aussie Fun!
The guys and Dolly
Fun shoot with Dolly Diamond
Pat Black with a Texas Plant on the beach!
Jed Fuller with his Gladiator gear on!
Pat Black, Frontside tucknee air on the face wall.
Good to see some friendly faces in the crowd!
Ivan Federico messed up his knee, during his heat. His headed back to Italy to see his doctors
Pat Black & Shane Munce
Jed Fuller on contest day. All he could say in his sleep was ” Just stay on, just stay on” and he did!
Ivan Federico, Boneless in the corner!
The Embassy Pride, Jed Fuller, Ivan Federico, Collin Graham, Pat Black, Shane Munce, and myself (Lee Leal). Until next time Bondi!



Florida Bowl Riders 40th Anniversary of Kona Skatepark

This year marked the 40th anniversary of the infamous Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville FLorida. The Ramos family has upheld the culture of this beautiful skaters playground. From the classic historic downhill snakerun, to the Bowl, vert ramp, the classic vertical tombstone, to just about everything that has to do with Kona. It was a weekend of mayhem, music, art, skate, legends, legends and more legends. Steve Van Doren was on hand to give away a ton of FREE Van’s stuff. The “Pro” Bowl Final was the most intense 15 minutes in skateboarding, I’ve witnessed in a few years. It was a Skate of the Art Weekend. Below are a few pics of the Embassy Posse, adding to the STOKE. Look forward to next year!

Embassy Booth made it to Florida
Zorlac Collection
Collin Graham, boneless off the Tombstone

Ivan Rodriguez makes the trip to Kona. Mr. Hesh killed the Kona bowl, until he screwed up his knee.

Nathan Midgette at Kona Skatepark
Collin Graham, brought his warrior attitude to the bowl.
Dave Duncan in the Master’s division of the Kona Bowl Riders, 40th Anniversary Party
Nathan Midgette, proper fs tuck knee air!

Ronnie O’Neal gets in the mix